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We transform a wide range of engineering thermoplastic (PPS, PA6, PA66... ), mainly glass fiber reinforced.

The major technical improvements of this kind of materials made their use possible in areas previously almost of exclusive competence of metals.

That is why many companies chose us so that we could support them in the process of developing alternative applications to the classical solutions, which enabled them to bring winning innovations to the market.

In recent years there has been a gradual replacement of various under the wood components in the automotive industry usually made ​​of aluminum.


Common characteristics of engineering plastic parts are:

- Excellent dimensional stability, even at high temperatures ( 120-140 ° C)

- Maintenance of the exceptional mechanical properties a

- Excellent chemical resistance

- The speed and stability of the production process typical of injection molding

- Greater hydrodynamic efficiency due to the complex geometries that can be obtained

- Increase of overall mechanical efficiency due to the weight of the component


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