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PVD - Painting

We always put a lot of effort to consolidate the vertical integration of our business. That's why we focused a lot of energy on providing several finishing services, so  that we can assist our customers along all the product development phases until the product is ready to be distributed.



We have an efficient automatic spray painting plant, and we recently completed the replacement of solvent-based paints with water-based paints, which drastically reduced pollutant emissions other than improving considerably the working environment.

The most commonly used colors are aluminum, stainless steel and soft-touch effects, although we can satisfy all customer requests.  


Apart from this, we added a PVD (physical vapor deposition) plant to satisfy our most demanding customers needs and want unique aesthetic qualities through effects that cannot be achieved with any other technology.

Both water-based paints and PVD coating treatments are highly eco-friendly, making them ideal solutions for those environmentally conscious companies that are not willing to compromise between attention to the environment and manufacturing quality.


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