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Injection moulds

Before proceeding with the development of the moulds, we carry out also high precision machining on mechanical components, with particular orientation to die holders and inserts for plastics and die casting applications.

The machines we operate include high quality and precision equipment such as milling centers, grinding machines, and deep drilling machines, chosen from the most innovative and qualified machine producers in the world.





PVD metallization plastic automotive painting
PVD metallization plastic automotive painting
Mould design


Our company owns advanced design softwares. CATIA and TOP Mould are used for mould design; files from other systems are imported using IGES or STEP formats.

We can also perform filling simulations, in order to define the best position of injection points, reduce overpacking effects and weld lines appearance.

Tool paths are calculated with up-to-date CAM systems, which are able to faithfully reproduce original surfaces.

FEM analysis are also done for stress resistance simulations.

Our technicians are at your disposal for assistance since the early stages of new products development.


Mould manufacturing


Moulds construction is performed using the best machines available on the market. 

We own flexible machining systems with automatic tool change, high speed and 5-axis millers, spark and wire EDMs. They provide excellent finishing and extremely low tolerances.
Skilled people make machines programming and perform moulds assembly, polishing and fitting.

We make aluminium moulds for small series and steel moulds for medium-high productions.
Our technical staff will be pleased to advise you about optimum number of cavities and tools technical specifications (steel to be used, injection type, etc.), according to your production needs. 

Our strenght is moulds quality combined with competitive prices and short delivery time.

We invite you to visit our company, in order to verify service and resources we can provide.

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