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Vision & principles


Being a top supplier of plastic engineering technologies with an unbeatable customer relationship management.

Our business attitude is based on our Customers success, building our own on theirs.




‘Be better’

We aim at a more and more efficient company, relying on a top-class competitive potential, the total trust of some of the world leading manufacturers, a top cost performance and an environmentally safe production.

‘Be linked’

Our unique focus on our Clients means the increase of a reciprocal know-how, along with a mutual long-term growth and shared knowledge in order to achieve best practices of planning and development of new products.

‘Be simple’

Simplicity means reducing the complexity of inter-activity business processes without compromising efficacy. This is our way to drastically reduce timeframes and errors between concept and actual production of the parts.

‘Be quiet’

Quietness is about reaching growth through environmental and social responsibility. Without fuss and without noise. This sense of respect is the necessary condition that allows us to refine our engineering and managerial competencies to optimally serve more global and exacting markets.



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