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About us


We are the partner you are looking for to fulfill your injection moulding requests.

Our technologies, from pre-drying to gas moulding equipments, and methodologies enable us to take care of the entire project management phase: from the design and development of moulds, carried out by extensively trained specialists through the support of the most cutting edge software and machines, to the continuous research and experimentation of new compounds to increase the output performance and the surface aesthetics of the components produced.


Through our design and moulds construction, injection moulding and surface finishing departments (PVD and Painting), we intend to be considered the ideal choice for production of plastic parts (made of both thermosetting and thermoplastic moulding compounds), fully supporting our clients from thev very early stages of any new product development.

Our injection machines have a clamping force up to 5000 kN; CNC robots are used for automatic handling.


Among the services we provide, there is:


- Painting

- PVD coatings

- silk-screen printing

- tampographic printing

- ultrasonic welding

- assembly






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